Turning Boaters' Dreams Into Reality


We hope this provides you with the information of how St Clair Boat Sales can meet your boat brokerage needs.

Establishing an Understanding of your Boat

One of the many fun and exciting aspects of our brokerage services is where we talk boats. Most importantly about your boat. The more we know, the higher chance for success. If you succeed, we succeed. Here are some frequently asked questions by potential buyers.

  • What is the Year, Make, and Model?
  • What was the boat primarily used for?
  • How many hours on the engines?
  • Why are the owners selling?
  • Any upgrades to the boat?
  • Condition & Value

    At St Clair Boat Sales, we would be honored to list your boat. We understand that your boat is valuable. We pride ourselves in providing an assessment, performed by head our technician, our staff to fully understand the condition and value of your boat. It is our goal to maximize your overall value. We will share recommendations and market comparisons to achieve the most competitive market price.

    Where We List Your Boat

    St Clair Boat Sales strives in delivering our clients with the upmost opportunities to achieve results. Our strategy uses a strong online marketing platform and leverage of our extensive networks, including qualified buyers and industry contacts. We are proud to be a listing agent on the following premium boat listing sites.

  • Yachtworld.com
  • Boatdealers.ca
  • Boats.com
  • Stclairboatsales.com
  • Social media platforms
  • How We List Your Boat

    We know that up to date, high quality pictures, a video walk-through and a notable written description are key success factors to your boat listing. We offer two boat listing marketing packages, a standard and platinum, for your convenience. Below are the features included.

    Standard Marketing Package

  • High quality pictures
  • Video walk-through with voice overlay
  • Detailed product description with key features
  • Platinum Marketing Package

  • Includes all features of the standard marketing package, plus
  • Contracted on your behalf the use of a professional who specializes in photography and promotional video marketing with the use of drones
  • More in-depth personable video walk-through Click here to see a sample video
  • The Listing Agreement

    Once you establish that St Clair Boat Sales is right for you! We will request a listing agreement be reviewed and signed. A listing agreement is a contract between the boat broker (St Clair Boat Sales) and owner of the boat (you) granting the broker (St Clair Boat Sales) the authority to act as the owner's agent in the sale of the boat. The agreement, will be to work exclusively with St Clair Boat Sales for an agreed-upon period. Without a listing agreement, we are unable to use our online marketing platforms to showcase your boat.

    Showing of Your Boat

    St Clair Boat Sales is available at our client’s convenience and provides exceptional customer service. Boat showings are by appointment and confirmed with the seller. Our goal is to accommodate a date and time that works best for both the buyer and seller. We verify all details prior to any boat showings. Boat showings can last anywhere between one to five hours depending on the boat and interested buyer.

    Offers & Negotiations

    Once the showing is complete and an offer is made, St Clair Boat Sales will present all offers to the seller on behalf of the buyer. The seller and buyer will have the option to accept, decline, or counter any offers. We will work together and negotiate to succeed in all aspects related to closing your boat sale/purchase.

    Surveys, Sea Trial, Financing

    Most offers are contingent on surveys, sea trials, and financing. At St Clair Boat Sales, we offer the following services to help with your boat sale/purchase.

  • Mechanical inspections and assist in co-ordination of any repairs, if required
  • Recommendation and scheduling of qualified surveyors in the area
  • Assist, arrange and preform sea trials
  • Available financing at competitive rates
  • Paperwork & Closing

    St Clair Boat Sales prepares and manages all licensing and related paperwork in assisting both the buyer and seller to a satisfied efficient close. We provide the following closing services.

  • Searching of liens
  • Cross Border Services
  • Completion of all pertinent documents
  • Customs clearance with border brokers
  • Arrange for transportation, if necessary
  • Vessel licence transfer and assistance with vessel registration
  • Collection of taxes and disbursement of funds, where applicable
  • Funding

    Once all paperwork is completed and funds are cleared, you will receive by your choice of disbursement option.

  • Business Cheque
  • Certified Cheque
  • Wire Transfer
  • Thank you for taking the time to review our brokerage services. Please contact us, if you have any questions. We look forward to turning boaters’ dreams into reality one boat at a time!

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